Creative Process


It is all in the details. Details are what drive the creation. It's the precision and flow of each step that gives each yard fine art quality and character. 


Each detail is equally important. From hand painting, to sketching design, to piecing together the pattern. It's about the way the pigment and dye reacts to the weave of the fabric.  Our method embodies years of research in the various techniques of fiber. From the eighteenth century Islamic patterns and cloths, to the intricate embroideries of the Middle East- the rich history and methods behind textile making are evident in our fabric collection. We strive on studying and practicing these traditions while incorporating new undiscovered techniques and technologies. We will never stop exploring the possibilities of polychromatic screen printing, hand painting, and how different materials react onto natural fibers. It is our undefined yet perfected practice that makes our textiles truly one of a kind.


Ellisha Alexina began with the intention to create something new for the textile world. Through experimentation, discovering unexplored processes, and the connection of traditional techniques and new technology, the invention of Ellisha Alexina's textiles were born.

Harmonizing the design elements of positive and negative space, texture, color and pattern, we are constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of textile design into a form of fine art. We believe in the expression of design and the effect it can have on a home. We work to create each yard with intention of beauty and detail. With no two yards alike, we are creating a product that inspires and invigorates a living space.